Monstar M1500 1500W/1620WH Portable Power Station

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Monstar G1500 1500W/1620WH is one of Monstar's most powerful portable power stations. 1620WH capacity, 1500W rated power and multiple output charging/charging ports. It can meet the power demand of high-power equipment. Including TV, refrigerator, DIY tools and other equipment.
  • It is currently the mainstream solar power station. With multiple AC/DC output ports, you can maintain power for 10 different devices at the same time for several hours.
  • 3X1500W AC output port & 1620WH capacity. It can power most household appliances and heavy DIY tools below 1500W;1X12V Car Cigar Lighter(2x12V DC Output Port);1xType-C Output Port;1XQC3.0 USB Output Port;2xUSB Output Port.
  • Three fast charging methods. AC charging/Car charging/PV charging. Among them, it has built-in MPPT to solve the solar panel charging solution faster for you.
  • Dimensions:320*230*260mm.Weight 39 pounds, two-sided handle design, easy to carry.
  • The charging/discharging data status is displayed on the LCD screen.

Monstar M1500 can power 9 devices simultaneously

3XAC power sockets: refrigerator, TV, lighting, TV, frying pan and coffee machine; 1X60W USB-C; 3XUSB-A: smartphone, speaker and tablet Computer; 1X12V±1V /8A car port: car refrigerator or vacuum cleaner.

Meet Standard of Any Wall Outlets

With an enormous energy storage capacity of 1620Wh, Monstar can run fridges, lights, medical devices, and other essentials with a flip of a switch.

Specially Charge High-Power Devices

1620Wh/1500W(Max.), Longest Lasting Lithium Power Solar Generator.
Specially Designed for High-power Device Such as Blender, Drill, Hair Dryer(Max.1500W).

Solar Panel Fast Charging

When you are traveling outdoors or traveling by car, you can charge the unit through solar panels. Efficient, fast and environmentally friendly. If the 2x100W solar panel is input, it can be fully charged within 9 hours under ideal sunlight.

  • What is the capacity of this M1500 power staion?

    3.7V 438000mAH (1620Wh)

  • What Devices Can Monstar M1500 Power?

    Please note that the AC output ports can only charge/power devices that operate at less than 1500-Watts, besides, the whole wattage should be under 1500 watts as well . Once exceeding, It will shut off automatically. Please refer to your device specification before purchase.

  • How long can be recharged by Solar Panel?

    It depends on the input power of the solar panel and the strength of the sunlight.

  • What is the weight of the Momesta M1500 power station?


  • What is its life cycle?


  • What is the maximum power of solar panel charging?

    Up To 200 Watts

  • What is the charge time for different CPAP?

    We gather some charge data FYI,Check what other CPAP users told:

    Phillip Respironics REMstar System One 60: 5 nights(38Hrs) with humidifier/heater off,

    Phillip REMstar System One 50: 6nights (50Hrs) with humidifier/heater off,

    Resmed S9: 6 nights with humidifier/heater off,

    5 nights at a pressure setting of 11 for a total run time of 33 hours and 37 minutes.(heater and humidifier setting is not told),

    ResmedAirsense 10: 6 nights with humidifier/heater off,

    3night(20Hrs) with pressure 8.6psi, humidifier on#4, heated hose off,

    3.5nights with pressure 10psi,heater/humidifier off,

    26-28hours/3.5 nights:auto ramp pressure set at 5-12, climate line tube temp OFF, and climate control humidity OFF,

    Nearly 4 nights using it 7.5-9 hrs per night with typical pressure settings plus humidity at 3, No heater,Took it down about 25% per night - then ran out about 3 hrs short of a forth full night sleep.

    5 nights camping with my ResMed Air 10 (humidifier off/PSA 11/ 9.5 hours per night).

  • What factors affect the final charge time?

    The final charge time maybe different according to how you set your cpap on pressure, humidifier and heater. and even for the same brand, the charge time is different on whether the pressure is fixed or flexible/auto-adjustable. pressure is going higher if it is a self titratingunit.and with mark worn on, the CPAP will drive more current than taking off the mask. full face mask will also drive more current than nasal mask. so, many factors can affect the current draw, that make the final charge time different.

  • Can I take it on plane?

    Can not, its capacity is 297Wh, which exceed the max.limits for flights.

  • Can it charge and discharge at the same time?


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Love this solar generator

Easy to set up and use. I go fishing mainly by this solar generator. This is a good solution to my mobile phone, computer, induction cooker and other equipment power problems. Literally, it's a lifesaver.

Best solar generator under $1500

This should be the best solar generator for 1000 dollars. The price is really cheap. It supports up to 1500W devices. It can charge my 1100W microwave oven. In addition, such as refrigerator, electric drill and other equipment.

Easy to use backup power source

I bought it to make a fish tank. It worked so well that there were 2 outages and it played a huge role in both. In addition. I live in a hurricane-hit area so this is another alternative to using a generator.

Absolute perfect portable power station!

Absolute perfect portable power station, working all right. When properly connected and powered up, the device can be fully charged very quickly. I also charge the device through the plug and the solar panel (100W).

Great solar generator and great customer support

I bought this unit a week ago and used it on my campervan. Compared to any other product, it has the best watt-hour rating in terms of price. I put it away and took it to camp. It charges my computer, mobile phone and other electronic devices perfectly. In addition, I will use it to power the refrigerator, rice cooker, and TV at home. It's really convenient!