Monstar M500 500W/472WH Portable Power Staion

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    The Monstar M500 portable power station has 500w (Peak 750W)/472WH storage capacity, high-quality lithium batteries and a portable design with a handle. The power station is very suitable for powering most electronic devices. It can keep your electronic devices charged and run continuously for several hours.
  • 1xQC3.0 fast charging USB output port, 2xUSB 2.0 port ,1x45W Type-c Output port, 4xDC(12V) port for output charging ,2x110v / 500w AC Outlet (peak 750w) pure sine wave AC power socket. LED flashlight with 2 bulbs inside. It can provide light, strobe and send out an SOS signal when you need help in a dark environment, which is an excellent feature.
  • It can be connected to solar panels for outdoor charging, the cigarette lighter port of your vehicle and the wall socket.
  • Its weight: 9.9LBS, you can easily carry it on travel.
  • 1*Portable power station, 1*DC charging, 1*car charger, 1*car cigarette lighter, 1*user manual

What Can Your Monstar Power?

Keep evrything from came gear and camping essentials to laptops and important
medical devices charged and ready no matter whre you go.

Handle Design, Easy To Carry

It weighs only 9.939 pounds, with a humanized handle design and easy to carry. It can add unlimited fun to your outdoor life.

Essential Power For Lover Travel

This is a portable power station that is light and easy to carry. When traveling outside, it can provide you with all necessary backup power anytime and anywhere.

Backup Power For Outdoor Camping

Whether you are hosting off-grid activities or family outing camping, monstar can provide the strength needed to keep your family going. .

What Can You Do At Home?

You can't predict the unpredictable,but you can prepare for it .
keep you Monstar charged and ready to power through and outage.

Solar Panel Charge

It can be Connected with a solar panel for outdoor charging,your vehicle’s cigarette lighter port.,and the wall outlets . And The front has a great looking LED screen makes it super easy to give you updates on the remaining battery and wattage being used.

  • What devices can Monstar M500 power?

    The maximum support of montar is 500 Watt AC output. The AC output port can only charge / supply power for equipment below 500 watts, and the whole power should be less than 500 watts. Once exceeded, the mengsta M500 will automatically shut down. Please refer to your equipment specifications before purchasing.

  • How long can it run for my device?

    Working time of equipment = 500wh * 0.85/working power of equipment

  • Can the product be carried on the plane?

    No, Because this product built-in lithium battery,which is adjusted according to international air transport standards, and the lithium battery product should not exceed 100WH.

  • Why the devices sometimes not available within 500W?

    A. The power station’s power is less than 20%, and it needs to be charged in time.

    B. The instantaneous starting power of your equipment is larger than the peak power of the power station, or the nominal power of the equipment is larger than the actual power of our power station. It is recommended to choose our larger power products.

  • Why is there a sound when the product used?

    The power station built-in cooling fans system.The built-in fan can help the product to dissipate heat to achieve a high conversion rate.It is normal to have a slight noise during use.

  • How often do you charge it if you don't use it?

    It is recommended to keep life cycle charging every 3 months.

  • What is its life cycle?